Meet The Staff

At Wood Lane we pride ourselves on giving all children the opportunity to access a fantastic education. We believe that starts with brilliant teachers and support staff.

Mrs G Rogers - Headteacher

Mrs. L. Foran - Assistant Head 

Bluebells Staff

Mrs. J. Fletcher - Teacher


                                                     Miss. R. Bailey - Teaching Assistant 


Mrs. S. McHugh - Teaching Assistant      

Acorns Class


                 Mrs. L. Foran - Teacher                                               Mrs. G Stanley  - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. S. Ireland - Teaching Assistant 

Silver Birch Class


                                                                     Mrs. R. Roberts - Teacher                                                                                            


Oaks Class


          Miss. E. Walker - Teacher                                         Mrs. A Mellor - Teaching Assistant 


Mrs. J. Pugh - Communication Support Worker

Other Teaching Staff      


    Mr. R. Case - Dance Teacher           











Office Staff


           Mrs. N Trigg - School Business Manager                    Mrs. G Siddorn - Clerical Officer

Kitchen Staff


       Mr. A Buckley - Catering Manager                      Miss K Boardman - Catering Assistant 

Lunchtime Staff


 Mrs. A. Willett - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor           Miss. L. Reale - Lunchtime Supervisor


Miss. A. Davies - Lunchtime Supervisor                  Mrs. K. Holmes - Lunchtime Supervisor

After School Club


                 Mrs. S. McHugh                                                              Miss. A. Davies