Acorns Blog - 2021-2022

Welcome back to another year in Acorns Class.  Welcome to the new Year 1 children who have joined us from Reception.  We are really looking forward to sharing the fantastic things that we do in our class.

Supporting us this year is Mrs Foran, Mrs Stanley and Mrs Williams.

Just take a look and see what we get up to over the next year.

End of Year.

Well done Acorns - what a fantastic year!  You have worked hard and we have loved every minute. 

Acorns Summer Term 2

 Summer Term 2


Acorns were given presents.  We were soooooo excited!

Class PARTY!!!

This week we held a party in our classroom to celebrate what a fantastic year we have had in Acorns Class.  We had so much fun dancing and playing games.

Sea Shanty.

We learnt a song and wanted to share it with you all.

Places Study Books.

We have worked hard on this term's study book - Places.  We are very proud of these.

Mrs Williams

This week we said goodbye to Mrs Williams.  We are so sad about this, but we thank her for teaching us.  Fridays will never be the same again and neither will science lessons.  

Fruit Salad

This week we tasted fruits in a fruit salad.

Science Experiments.

This week we conducted experiments about all of the things we have looked at recently in Science.

Making Elephant models. 

We used growth mindset to make a model of an elephant.

Stained Glass Windows

As part of our topic looking at the church we created our own stained glass windows using the paint programme. 



Elephant Biscuits.

As a little treat we wrote a recipe for making elephant biscuits and then used it to cook our own.

The Slightly Annoying Elephant

This term we have been studying the book The Slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams.  

David Walliams.

As part of our topic we have looked at David Walliams and written letters to him to ask questions.  We have also draw and painted a portrait of him.


This week we looked at structures of buildings.  Then we designed, made and evaluated our own structure.  

Science - Ear Defenders

This week we focussed on hearing and sound.  We made ear defenders and checked to see if they worked!

Talacre Beach

This week we went on a trip to the seaside.  We certainly had the weather for it!  

We had an amazing day and spent lots of time on the beach building sandcastles.

We had a sandcastle competition and Mrs Rogers came to judge it.

The winners were......

Musical Instruments.

This week we looked at different musical instruments and how they worked.

We then created our own musical instruments.

Plant Pots

We made plant pots for the summer fayre this year.  Look how amazing they look!


This week we have been learning about the beach.  We wrote instructions for how to build a sandcastle and then built our own using them. 

Captain Cook

In Topic we looked at Captain Cook at what he is famous for. 

Discovering sound

This week in Science we looked at sound.  We investigated making different sounds and played Chinese Whispers. 

Playing maths games - Adding and Subtracting.

Smoothie Bike

We were lucky enough to have a smoothie bike come into school through AIP.  We learned how to make a smoothie and then mixed it using the bike!

Sports Day 2022

We have held our annual sports day and it was so nice to see the parents back to support us.

Investigating the ear.

This week we looked at what the ear does and how it works.

The Seasons


Summer Term 1

Summer Term 1 in Acorns Class

Jubilee Celebrations.

On Friday 27th May we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in true Wood Lane style.

Here's To The Queen:

Here's To The Queen

In Acorns Class we did lots of activities.

We made flags:

We decorated mugs:

We created paper chains, bunting and portraits of the Queen.

We dressed for tea with The Queen


Garden Games

Ice Cream

Cards for Our Queen.

Science - Sight

This week we looked at the eye in detail.

We also looked at how shadows are formed.

We looked at light and dark.


This week we looked at capacity and measuring using ml and l.

Goodbye Madame Howard.

This week we said goodbye to our amazing French teacher Madame Howard.  Thank you for all the hard work you have given to us throughout this year and previous years.

Pasta Making

We had a visit from a chef from VIP, who came to make fresh pasta with us.  We had lots of fun and got very messy!!

Thank you VIP.


This week we have looked at weight in maths.  We have used scales to weigh different objects.

Aboriginal art.

This week we have looked at Aboriginal art and created our own using symbols and the paint technique.

Look at our amazing designs.

We also made Aboriginal flags using our hands. 


Year 2 Balancing.

In PE Year 2 have been looking at balancing and how e balance.

Science - The Seasons

We looked at which months were in each season.


Painting our tile.

This week we had the opportunity to paint our tile for the commemorative mosaic.  

Making a Mosaic 

As part of our Jubilee celebrations we are going to make a whole school mosaic.  Each child has made a tile this week with Philip Hardaker, our artist in residence.  He has now taken them away to fire in the kiln.  


This week we looked at May Day in France.  We made a special card to celebrate this. 


Hot Seating the Elephant.

After guessing what the animal was we started to look at the book we were studying this term 'The Slightly Annoying Elephant' and asked the 'elephant' questions.


When we arrived back to school on Monday Mrs Foran had left clues around the classroom about what our next book would be!  Can you take a guess for yourself?


This week we have started to look at telling the time.  We played lots of games to look at o'clock.

We also started to look at half past the hour.

Days of the week

Year 2 were spelling the days of the week.

We also looked at sequencing the days of the week.

Months of the year.

Happy Easter!

Songs sung by Acorns Class.

 Seed Song and Spring Chicken

Spring 2 in Acorns Class.

 Spring Term 2 in Acorns Class

Easter activities.

 Easter baskets.

Easter Cards.

Egg Hunt.

 Easter Nests.

 Tasting Hot Cross Buns.

Science Experiments.

This week we conducted experiments.  

Year 2 Gymnastics.

We looked at travelling and jumping.

The Hobbit

We were given the opportunity to watch a performance of the Hobbit.  It was amazing!


Easter Egg Competition.

Mrs Roberts set an Easter egg competition for the whole school and the entries were all fantastic!

We had 2 Year 1 winners:


2 Year 2 winners:

Growing Magic Beans.

As part of our topic on growth we planted magic beans and then wrote a bean diary to look at the progress they were making.


From five eggs.....

To five ducklings!


                                          Donald                                                                     Daisy

                                        Dave                                                                    Dora




They are growing really fast now.

Look how much they have grown in a week!


They have been swimming today!   

They then went back to get warm again.

Mrs Siddorn has taken them home now to live on her farm.


Update ****

Look how much the ducks have grown!  Mrs Siddorn is looking after them well and they look so happy in their new home!

Update 2 ***


The book we have been reading this term is Tidy by Emily Gravett.

Maths - Year 1 - making halves and quarters.

Year 1 Gymnastics.

This week we practised our travelling and jumping using the equipment.

Science - Investigating Soil

This week we looked closely at soil.

Nelson Mandela

We have learnt all about who he was and why he was famous.  We wrote newspaper articles from the day he was released from prison and drew portraits of him.  

We made a collaborative colouring.

Mother's Day 

Happy Mother's Day to all our Mums!

 Happy Mother's Day from Acorns Class

Raising money for Ukraine

We dressed in blue and yellow clothes and hung a ribbon in support of Ukraine.


This week we looked at  identifying leaves, drawing flowers and living and non living things.


PE Year 1 

This week we looked at jumping and travelling.


South Africa

As part of our topic on South Africa we looked at Table Mountain and drew it.

Comic Relief 2022.

This year we dressed up as jungle animals.

Maths - Fractions.

We have been looking at recognising halves and quarters.

We have also been finding half and a quarter of an amount.

Bee Active.

We have been playing invasion games in PE this term.

Drama - Making mistake.

Pete the Badger in the book Tidy made a huge mistake.  The children used role play to show how people can make mistakes and what they would do if they did.  

St Patrick's Day

We used the marbling technique to make a shamrock to mark St Patrick's Day.

Year 1 Gymnastics - Jumping.

 Year 1 have been looking at jumping from the apparatus and landing safely.

Maths - Place Value Games.

We played lots of games this week to revisit place value.  

Andy Warhol

We created self portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.  Can you guess who is who?

Vincent Van Gogh

We have learnt all about him and then created our own sunflowers painting using water colours. 

We also created Starry Night as a class team.  Each child had a piece to colour and then we put them together to make this masterpiece!

Planting Sunflowers

As part of our topic we have written instructions on how to plant a sunflower, then followed them to plant our own.  We are going to watch them grow - fingers crossed!

Science - Pollination 

We also looked at what a bee collects (pollen) from a flower.

Science - Parts of a flower

This week we looked at labelling parts of a flower.

Maths Games - Place Value.

Hot Seating Pete the Badger.

We asked Pete questions about why he has done what he has done.

World Book Day 2022

This year we dressed up in our favourite book character's clothes.

World Book Day - Watching The Gruffalo.

We were treated to a retelling of one of our favourite books - The Gruffalo.

RSHE - Recycling

We looked at ways in which we could help our earth.

Seed Experiment.

We planted some cress seeds - some with water and light, some with water and no light and some with no water and no light.  We are looking at which seeds grow.

We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the seeds.  

Growing Beans.

As part of our topic we have been looking at growth.  We have planted some beans and we are keeping a diary looking at the progress of the growth.  

Measuring lengths using a ruler.

Year 2 have been using rulers to measure objects as accurately as possible.

Comparing lengths using < > or =

Year 1 have been using the < > or = signs to compare lengths.

Comparing three lengths - Year 1 - Maths.

Year 1 have been looking at comparing lengths and putting three objects in order of size.

St. David's Day

This year we celebrated St. David's Day on 1st March.  We looked at who St David was and what he represented.  We dressed up in 'Welsh' colours and made daffodils.

The Climb

The Climb performed by Acorns

Happy Half Term.

Look at all the fun we have had this half term.  

Acorns Class Spring Term 1

Science Experiments.

We undertook some experiments about what we have been learning about for the last few weeks. 

Experiment 1 - Observing and drawing different fruits. 

Experiment 2 - Making circuits.

Experiment 3 - Melting and cooling (making chocolate cakes)

Experiment 4 - Looking through the microscope. 

The Human Body

We have created a display about the human body - parts of the body, the organs and the skeleton.

Maths - Measuring.

We used a metre stick to measure larger items.

PE Year 2 - Travelling and Jumping.

This week we looked at the different ways to travel, speed and direction in which to do this on the equipment.  We experimented with using different parts of our body.

Valentine's Day

This year we made some hearts to celebrate.


As part of our English work we followed instructions to make our own windmill.

Maths Year 2 Measuring.

This week we have been looking at measuring using blocks and paper clips.  

Where does each fruit come from?

After we had tasted the different fruits, we then used an atlas to find out which countries the fruits came from.  

Tasting Fruits.

This week we tasted lots of different fruits and then chose our favourite.

Internet Safety

This week we have looked at how to keep ourselves safe on the internet.  We made posters to show this.

Chinese New Year

We looked at why and how it was celebrated and created lanterns using tissue paper.  

PE Year 2 - Using the equipment to travel and jump.

This week we have looked at jumping safely off the equipment and travelling in different ways.

Newcastle in Bloom

We have entered a competition called 'Newcastle in Bloom' for the Borough Council.  The theme was 'Bloomin Treemendous.'  We have worked really hard on this and we are really hoping that the judges like it!

*** Update - We have received our certificate and vouchers for winning third prize!!!

Science - Keeping Healthy

We looked at what the organs are for in the body.


We also tasted some different healthy foods.




RSHE - Keeping Safe.

 This week we talked about keeping ourselves safe.  We discussed what was safe and unsafe and did an activity to show this.  



We were lucky enough to have a yoga instructor come to do a yoga session with us.  This was so much fun and we were very relaxed afterwards. 

Keep Stoke Smiling.

Today we have had a visit from Stoke City Football Club to talk to us about keeping our teeth healthy and clean.

Making playgrounds.

As part of DT, we designed, made and evaluated our own piece of playground equipment. 

Visiting the playground.

As part of our topic we walked around the village and made a visit to the playground to look at the equipment.  

Maths - Year 1 - Making Groups of 10.

Year 1 looked making groups of 10.

Maths - Dividing by 2.

We looked at sharing into two equal groups.

Science - Living and Non-Living

This week we looked at what we thought was living and what we thought was non-living.  We sorted the pictures into categories.

Computing - Coding.

This week we started to look at coding and used the Purple Mash Program to do this.

Year 2 Gymnastics.

This term we have been looking at travelling and then we introduced jumping. 

Maths - Making Doubles.

We looked at making doubles.

Religious Artefacts.

This week we have been learning about festivals from different religions.  We have looked at Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. 

Science - Ourselves

We looked at the eye, bones, the skeleton, teeth, the organs, the heart and heartbeat.

Science - Ourselves.

We looked at the different parts of the body.

Mrs Stanley's BIRTHDAY!

On 7th January Mrs Stanley celebrated her birthday.  We made her a card and sung happy birthday to her with a cake.  


Using atlases.

We used atlases to look at the different countries in the world. 

Making a World Map

As part of our Geography we have looked at the world and the continents within it.  We worked together to make a map. 

Maths - Year 1 - Making 5 groups of 10.

We have started looking at numbers to 50 and we were looking at counting in 10s.

Maths - Year 2 - Making equal amounts.

We have started to look at multiplication in maths this week.


We have been looking at the story Journey.  

This is our whole school text for the next two weeks.

On Wednesday we were asked to come into school dressed in red.  When we went to enter our classroom the door had changed and we were asked to go into an imaginary world when we entered.  

We used buzzers to play a game 'Pointless' to find the most obscure mode of transport.

We looked at the first page of the book and created some freeze frames of the characters.

 We used atlases to look at where in the world we thought the girl was.

We looked at our senses and thought about what the girl would see, hear, touch, feel and smell.

 Making the machine - We looked at what we thought the machine in the book was used for and then we made our own machine in groups.

We created stories about where we would go to on our own magic carpet.

We made our own magic carpet.

Sharing the stories - At the end of our unit of work we shared our stories with Bluebells Class.  They then showed us some work they had done.

These were the stories that we produced. 

This is the display that we produced. 


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Acorns Class.

Our Christmas Song and Nazareth performed by Acorns Class


Christmas in Acorns

Elf on the Shelf

He's back!!!


Christmas Presents.

We were lucky enough to receive presents this year.

Christmas Party!

On Thursday we had our class party!  It was so much fun!  We played games like Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues and Musical Bumps. We had a treat at the end of the day too! 

Christmas Activities.

We have been getting creative!  Look at what we have produced!

Letters from Santa.

After writing letters to Santa, we received a reply from him!  How lucky are we!!!

Panto 2021 - Sleeping Beauty

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to go on a whole school trip to The Lyceum Theatre in Crewe to watch this year's Pantomime Sleeping Beauty.  It was amazing and we had so much fun!

Christmas Lunch 2021

Christmas Jumper Day 2021

We raised money for our local children.

Making Circuits.

This week we made circuits with lights and buzzers.

Elf Day

On Friday we dressed up as elves to raise money for Alzheimer's.

We looked amazing!

Autumn Term 2 in Acorns

 Autumn Term 2 in Acorns Class

There's No Dragon in This Story.

This term we have been looking at the story There's No Dragon in This Story.  

Building a bridge.

We read the story Billy Goats Gruff and then used Lego to build a bridge string enough to get them over the river.  

Maths - Finding the total amount

We have been looking at money in maths and we created a shop to find the total amount of the items. 

Dance Year 2.

Year 2 have been dancing with Ron for this half term. 

Wrapping Presents

As part of our topic we wrote instructions on how to wrap a present and then we carried it out.

Look at the fun we had.

Science - Electricity

We looked at circuits and made our own.

The Great Fire of London

We have been learning about The Great Fire of London.  We looked at what happened and what it was like at the time.

We wrote a diary entry about what we might have seen if we were witnessing the Great Fire. 

Pablo Picasso.

For our topic the artist we have been learning about is Pablo Picasso.  We created our self portrait in his style. 

Maths - Money - Year 2

We looked at counting money in pounds and pence.

Science - Magnetism.

This week we looked at what is magnetic and what isn't.  

Children in Need 2021

This year we dressed as teddy bears to raise money for Children in Need.

Anti Bullying Week.

We started our Anti Bullying Week with wearing odd socks to show that we are all different.  We then did lots of activities around being kind.    


We looked at rhyming pairs and put them onto Jack's beanstalk. 


We have looked at Diwali Festival and what it is.  We created our own Rangoli Patterns.

We made Diya Lamps.

We then painted the lamps.

The finished work.

Science Friction.

Again we looked at Friction and conducted experiments to show this.

Remembrance Day

On 11th November we dressed in red to remember those who have fought in war.  We made poppies to show our respect. 

The Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire Night.

We have been learning all about The Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Bonfire Night each year.  

Science - Friction

This week we have looked at friction and what it is.  We also looked at different surfaces that the cars could travel down.  




Hansel and Gretel Sweet Houses.

This week we made sweet houses to accompany reading Hansel and Gretel.

Hot Seating the Witch

This week we have been reading Hansel and Gretel and we asked the witch questions.

Science - Pushes and Pulls

This week we looked at what we can push and what we can pull. 

PE - Gymnastics Year 1

Year 1 have started to look at different ways to travel.

Stoke City 7s

We were visited by Stoke City to introduce their City 7s Scheme.  The children were offered free tickets to see a match.

Happy Halloween

Goldilocks Drama

We acted out the different parts to the story.

Tasting porridge.

This week we have been looking at Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  As part of this we tasted some porridge to see what we thought!

Year 1 Maths - Tens Frames

Year 1 have been looking at number bonds to 20.  

Christmas Card designs.

We have designed our own Christmas Cards.


Sewing The Queen's Cloak.

As part of our DT we designed, made and evaluated The Queen's Cloak.

Bee Active PE.

Gymnastics - Year 2

In Gymnastics we have been looking at travelling in different ways.


We made castles from clay and then we painted them. 

Science - Finding Materials.

We looked at what materials we could find in and around our classroom.

Year 1 Maths - Part Whole Models.


Decorating crowns.

As part of our topic on The Queen we decorated our own crown.

Crown Biscuits.

We made crown biscuits using the recipe.

Adjectives game - The Three Little Pigs


Using I Pads.

Symmetrical Crowns

As part of our topic on Queen Elizabeth we made a symmetrical crown.

Year 2 Maths

Counting in groups of three.


Year 2 have French lessons with Madame Howard.  They look forward to them every week.

Investigating materials.

In Science we investigated different materials to see what properties they had.

Making The Three Little Pig's Houses.

As part of a science investigation we looked at the strength of the Three Little Pig's houses.

Gingerbread People

We looked at the fairy story The Gingerbread Man and then followed a recipe to make our own gingerbread people. 

Making Castles.

As part of our topic on castles, we used clay to create our own castle.


We have looked at the different uses of electricity.

Year 2 Maths Greater than and less than.

In Maths this week we have been looking at using the signs < > and = to compare numbers.

Science experiments


We have been learning all about London and it's landmarks.  

Year 1 Maths - Numbers to 10.

Year 1 have been writing numbers to 10 and beyond.

Year 2 Maths - Tens and Ones

In maths Year 2 have been looking at tens and ones.  They used Base Ten to create numbers.

Noun Hunt

In English this week we went on a noun hunt.

Alphabet Arc

One of our English activities this week has been completing the alphabet arc.


In Music we have been looking at rhythm and keeping a steady beat.

Science - Dissolving 

In Science we looked at different experiments and what dissolves and what doesn't.

Year 2 - Gymnastics.

In Gymnastics we have been looking at rolling.  What rolls do we now and what happens to our bodies when we roll. 

Year 1 - Dance with Ron

In dance we have been looking at movement.


2D and 3D shapes

In maths we have been looking at shape. We made 2D and 3D shapes.

Bee Active PE

On Monday mornings we are lucky enough to have Bee Active come to teach our PE.  We really enjoy ourselves and have so much fun.