Acorns Blog

2023 - 2024

Welcome to Acorns' Class Blog.  Here you will be able to see the fantastic activities that we do in our class.  Take a look to see what we get up to throughout the year!

Supporting us this year is Mrs. Foran, Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Ireland.  

Elf Day 23

Christmas Play - Sugar Plum.

This year we are performing Sugar Plum. 

Tree of Light

This year we made our own baubles with someone special on it to hang on our Tree of Light.


Rangoli Patterns

We looked at Diwali and then created a Rangoli Pattern.


Floating and Sinking

Making boats that float.  We were given the challenge of using the materials to make boats that held marbles.  The boat that held the most marbles (52) won. 



English - Jack and the Beanstalk.

We read the story and then sorted sentences into different types of sentences. 

We also looked at nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Maths - symmetry in 2D shapes

Year 2 investigated the lines of symmetry on 2D shapes.


Art - Marvellous Marks

This week we have looked at drawing in art.  

We experimented with lines.


Then we used lines to create a group picture.


Next we created shape pictures.


Then our final piece was drawing a still object. 



DT - Baby Bear's Chair. 

We tested to see what shape was the most stable.


We then tested cylinders and talked about how to arrange them to make them the most stable.  


Next we used what we knew to make a chair for Baby Bear. 


The finished product.



This week we have been looking at shape in maths.



Goodbye Mrs. Trigg

This week we said goodbye and good luck to Mrs. Trigg.

Remembrance 2023.



We have finished our castles.


Hot seating the Witch 

We asked 'the witch' questions. 


Hansel and Gretel.

This week we have been reading Hansel and Gretel.  We made gingerbread houses and decorated them.



Sharing Afternoon - Autumn Term

This terms projects were all about our topic Leaders and Power.




Life in Acorns Class 

Autumn Term 1

Science Experiments with Mrs. Williams.

This week we did lots of experiments all about materials.





After reading the story Goldilocks and The Three Bears we tasted our own porridge.



We have learned all about our capital city, London and all about the landmarks.

Halloween Art

Making castles.

As part of our learning on castles we made our own using clay and then wrote instructions for how to make it. 


Halloween Art

We cut out templates and then used our fingers to print around it.


PE - Games

This week we put all of our learning together and played games using the skills. 


Computing - Sorting

Our task was to sort the shapes into two groups and explain why we sorted them like we did.  We did this working in groups.


London Jigsaws

We created our own London jigsaw and then tried to put the pieces back together.



The Three Little Pigs 

This week we have read The Three Little Pigs and then made houses out of different materials.  We predicted which would be the strongest house.




Gingerbread People

This week we have been looking at the Fairy Story The Gingerbread Man.  We followed instructions to make our own gingerbread people.


Disney Day


PE - Dance


PE - Games

This term we have been looking at different skills within PE.


Science - Materials

This week we have been looking at magnetism.  We investigated what is magnetic and what isn't.



We have started our lessons with Ron.



We have been learning about London being our capital city and made our own telephone box.


This week we have been learning about the United Kingdom and the countries within it. 

The Great Fire of London

We have been learning about The Great Fire of London in our History.  We created pictures to show what it was like.

We made our own house from the time.

We also coloured a collaborative picture.


Year 1 have been looking at writing numbers as words.


Year 2 have been looking at tens and ones.  


Autumn Art

We created pictures using chalk and leaf templates.

Graffiti Art



Acorns Blog

2022 - 2023

Welcome to Acorns Class Blog.  Here you will find all of the fantastic activities that we do in our class.  Take a look and see all the fun that we have when we are learning. Supporting us this year is Mrs Foran, Mrs Stanley and Mrs Ireland.  

Pirate PARTY!

As an end of year treat we held a pirate party!  We played games, had treats and had lots of fun!






Study Books - Summer Term - Life Around The Sea





Years 2 and 3 went on a residential to Tattenhall.  What an amazing time we had.







Last dance of the year.

We had a last session with our amazing dance teacher Ron!


Creative Arts Show 2023

We have taken part in our whole school show all about The Potteries.





Pirate Hats

We wrote instructions on how to make a pirate hat and then we made our own using these instructions.




We have made some keyrings to sell for the Summer Fayre.

Making Lighthouses.

As part of our topic on lighthouses we have made our own! 



Father's Day.

This year we invited our Dad or another male member of our family to join us for lunch.



We also made them a card.

Sharing afternoon - Life Around the Sea.

Thank you to everyone that came to our sharing afternoon this week.  The projects are amazing yet again! 



This week we have been looking at puppets in Design and Technology.  We designed, made and evaluated our own based on Punch and Judy shows.  

Sewing the puppets.



Decorating the puppets.



The finished products! 

Sports Day 2023.

We held our annual sports day on Tuesday.  We had so much fun!





We looked at Claude Monet and then created our own artwork in the style of him.


Under The Sea.

We created our own silhouette paintings with sea creatures.  How amazing do these look?


The children were given the challenge to make a turtle by cutting, folding and sticking.  This seemed like an easy task, but it wasn't!

Minibeast Hunt.

This week we looked at habitats and went out for a minibeast hunt.  We founds lots of different creatures.



Story Competition

We had a story competition over a couple of weeks.  Everyone that wrote a story got a prize because they were all fantastic!  Well done!



King Charles III

Listen to our amazing songs.

Coronation Songs by Acorns

Coronation Celebrations.

We held some celebrations to mark this moment in history.

We made biscuits, painted portraits and did some colouring.




We had a picnic lunch outside with the whole school.



Fractions Year 2.

We have been looking at quarters, halves and thirds of amounts.



Year 2 Gymnastics.

This week we have using the equipment to travel, jump and balance in different ways.  



Easter Activities.

We made Easter cards.

We made baskets and Easter nests.

We had an egg hunt.


We tried hot cross buns.


Alien PANTS!

We tried on the alien's pants!



Alien Party!

To end the term we had an Alien Love Underpants Party!  We played games and Mr Buckley made us jelly and cakes! 




Wear a hat!

We all wore a hat to raise money and awareness of brain tumors.  


One of our parent's came to talk about how they celebrate Ramadan and Eid.


We were treated to some dates, cookies and juice too! 

Look what has arrived!

We have DUCK eggs again!  How amazing!








Aliens Love Underpants.

The Moon

We have been learning about The Moon and we have produced this display.

Try your PANTS!

We painted some pants and then modelled them!!!



Plant Your Pants.

This week we have looked at soil from different parts of outside of the school.  

We also planted some pants to study what type of soil it is and what lives underneath the surface. 

   Location 1

    Location 2

Red Nose Day 23

This year we dressed in inside out clothes.


We even planted a 'Grow your own nose'.

Look how well our plants are doing.

Mother's Day

This year we marked the occasion by inviting our Mum or other female relative to an assembly, where we gave them gifts and told them how special they are.

We also invited them to lunch the next day.


Pant Games

We designed our own pant games and then created them.  



The Moon

We looked at the moon phases and created them using Oreo Cookies. 


We made footprints or craters on the moon.


St. Patrick

We dressed up in green or something Irish to mark St Patrick's Day.


Just when you thought Spring was coming!  Snow arrives.



Neil Armstrong

As part of History we have been looking at Neil Armstrong.  Here we created drama scenes to show what happened when he landed on the moon. 

Making aliens

As part of our topic, we designed and made our own alien.




We have been looking at weight and capacity.




World Book Day 2023.






Sharing afternoon - The Earth and Beyond

This term our sharing afternoon was based on the topic - The Earth and Beyond.

We had a fantastic time and all spoke confidently within our group.  The projects were yet again AMAZING!



Look at our fantastic projects.

St David's Day

This year we celebrated by wearing yellow or something to represent Wales!


This week we have been looking at length and height.  

Year 1 were measuring using cubes and other objects.


Year 2 - Measuring with cm



Year 2 - Measuring with m



Planting Sunflowers.

As part of our topic we planted sunflowers to watch them grow.




This week we celebrated Valentine's Day by doing lots of activities.



Rocket Biscuits

We wrote the recipe for making biscuits and then made our own and decorated them.  They were lovely!



Year 1 PE

This week we looked at using the equipment to travel and jump.



The Potteries

We have been learning all about The Potteries.


This week we have been looking at how to jump safely.



Making Pots

As part of our topic on The Potteries, in DT we have designed and made pots.



The finished products



Maths with Mrs Roberts

Today Mrs Roberts visited us for our maths lesson.  We looked at problem solving.


It's Snowing!

This week we had fun in the snow!



Year 1 Maths - Using a number line.


PE Games


Maths - Year 2 Money

This week we have looked at money and making different amounts.


Maths - Year 1 Numbers to 20.

This week we have looked at numbers to 20 using lots of different equipment. 


Mrs Stanley's Birthday 

We celebrated Mrs Stanley's birthday this year with a cake, a card and some flowers.


Hot Seating the Alien

We have been working on question words this week and we asked the 'alien' some questions.  


Making Boats.

We used the natural materials to make boats following instructions.  


Nature Pictures.

We used chalk and charcoal to draw detailed pictures of natural objects that we collected from outside.


Dance with Ron

Year 2 have started dancing with Ron again.  


Elf on the Shelf.





Letters From Santa.



Christmas Crafts.






Christmas Party.

We played games - Musical Statues and Musical Bumps.


We played Musical chairs.


We played Pin the Nose on Rudolf.

We played Pass the Parcel.


We were given some presents.


We had some food.

We had an amazing day.

Christmas Play - Santa's on Strike

This year our play is called Santa's on Strike.  The children have worked so hard on this and we are so proud of them.  Thank you to everybody that has helped with the production of this.  



Year 1 Dance


Aaron Bell

We entered a Christmas card competition in Newcastle to design a card for the local MP.  One of our Year 2 children came runner up in this.  Aaron Bell MP arrived to present her with copies of the card that had her design on the back.  

Well done. 

Christmas Lunch

This year we were able to have lunch with a family member.  Lots of people turned up and we all enjoyed a fantastic meal.  Thank you Mr. Buckley.



West Midlands Safari Park - Santa Safari.

What an amazing day at the safari park.  We looked at the animals, went to see Santa and then even had a cookie and drink!  We absolutely loved it.




Wrapping Presents.

As part of our topic we wrote instructions on how to wrap the perfect present and then followed these instructions to see if we could do this. 



Elf Day 2022

Tree of Light.

We decorated a bauble to hang on our Tree of Light.

Year 1 Maths - Parents workshop.

We invited Year 1 parents to join in with a maths lesson this week.  We looked at 2D and 3D shapes.



Year 2 Maths - Parents workshop

We invited Year 2 parents to join in with a maths lesson this week.  We were looking at sorting 2D shapes.



Remembrance 2022

Our display this year.

DT - Making Vehicles.

For our Design and Technology we designed, made and evaluated our own cars.



Anti-Bullying Week.

We marked Anti-Bullying Week by wearing odd socks to show how unique we all are.

The beginning of time.

After reading The Ice Bear we talked about what we thought the beginning of time looked like and then we painted it.  

Making 2D shapes.

Year 2 made 2D shapes from lollipop sticks.



Sharing Afternoon - Mechanics

This week we had our sharing afternoon.  Here we shared our projects that we had completed at home to other children in our group.  We had a fantastic time and some of us even got to share some cake!



Autumn Term 1

Look at all the amazing things we have done during our first half term.  

 Acorns Class Autumn Term 1


We dressed as Halloween characters.



This year we invited our parents for a 'Spooky Halloween Lunch.'  




We looked at what was magnetic and what wasn't.



Science experiment - ice.

We conducted an experiment to look at what happened to water when it was cooled and heated.


Christmas Card competition.

We have entered a competition for Newcastle Under Lyme to create a Christmas Card for our local MP.

Andy Goldsworthy.

We looked at the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy and created our own art in his style in groups.

We collected leaves.



We painted our leaves.



Leaf People

As part of our topic we created Leaf People using natural materials.



Maths - Finding the missing number.

Year 1 looked at adding and subtracting using a part whole model.  


Year 1 Games

We have been playing different games during our PE lessons. 



Music - Making storm music.

After reading the next part of The Tin Forest we made our own storm music from the picture of the Old Man in a storm. 





Year 2 Forest Schools

Today Year 2 experienced a forest school lesson. They had so much fun!




Disney Day - A Day For Ada.

Today we dressed as Disney characters to raise money for the hospital that treated a child from our school community.  

Disney Dancing

Today our dance lesson was moving to Disney music.



Bee Active PE



Maths - Adding across 10


Maths - Number bonds within 10


Maths - Number bonds

We looked at number bonds to 10 and 20.


Maths - Part Part Whole Model

This week we looked at using the part part whole model in our learning. 


Natural Pictures.

We used natural materials to make our own pictures in groups. 


Reading in our lovely reading area.

We love sharing books in our reading area.


Maths - Greater than and less than

This week we have been using < > and = signs to compare numbers.



We love our music lessons - they are so much fun!


Bee Active 

We have started our Bee Active lessons.



The Northern Lights

This week we have talked about the Northern Lights and we created a painting to illustrate them. 

Peppermints Cream Polar Bears

As part of our topic we made peppermint creams in the shape of polar bears. 

Stoke City V Watford Game

The children attended the football match with tickets from Stoke City 7s. 



Stoke 7s

We had another visit from Stoke City, this time all about the Stoke City 7s.  This is aimed at Year 2 and 3 and gives them the opportunity to go to a Stoke game.  

Keep Stoke Smiling

We had a visit from Stoke City to talk about how we look after our teeth.



Year 1 Phonics

We have started our new Phonics scheme.  We love playing the games.


Year 2 Dance

Year 2 have started their dance with Ron.  



Polar Regions

We have looked at what the Polar Regions are and what animals live in each.

Maths  - Number and Place Value.

We have started the year working on place value.