Captain Sir Tom Moore


Captain Sir Tom Moore barely needs any introduction. Thomas Moore (born 30 April 1920), popularly known as Captain Tom, is a former British Army officer known for his efforts to raise money for charity in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Moore served in India and the Burma campaign during the Second World War. He later became an instructor in armoured warfare. After the war, he worked his way up to managing director of a concrete company, and also was an avid motorcycle racer.

On 6 April 2020, at the age of 99, he began to walk around his garden in aid of NHS Charities Together during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the goal of raising £1,000 by his hundredth birthday. By the time of writing he had raised in excess of £30m


Captain Tom said: “When we started off with this exercise, we didn't anticipate we'd get anything near that sort of money. It's really amazing. All of them, from top to bottom, in the National Health Service, they deserve everything that we can possibly put in their place. They're all so brave. Because every morning or every night they're putting themselves into harm's way, and I think you've got to give them full marks for that effort. We're a little bit like having a war at the moment. But the doctors and the nurses, they're all on the front line, and all of us behind, we've got to supply them and keep them going with everything that they need, so that they can do their jobs even better than they're doing now.”


Help us commemrate Captian Tom by joining in our challenge of '100 tasks for Captian Tom'. This could be 100 steps, 100 minutes of silence, 100 keep me ups, 100 words you have read, counting to 100 or even 100 kindness acts. It can be anything you can do 100 off, THINK BIG!!!

Please see our photocollage below of you all completing your 100 tasks for Tom!!!






100 Star Jumps!

100 claps & 100 Star Jumps!


100 layers of lippy!                                                100 tunes!



100 star jumps!


100 Hula Hoops!                                                               100 lollipops!



100 Squares!

100 Marches!                                                                           100 Pokemon names!


Mrs Stanley - 100 steps to work

100 Press-ups, running and star jumps!


100 Hoverboard laps of the kitchen!                         Writing her name 100 times!


 100 Star jumps!

100 Wheel rolls!



100 Steps and Star Jumps!



100 steps and 100 forward rolls!

100 jumps!                                                                            Reading 100 words!


100 jumps!                                                                                         100 star jumps!


Standing still for 100 seconds!                                                      Brushing my hair 100 times!


Quiet for 100 seconds!                                                          100 Squats!


100 Maths Calculations 



100 bottom kicks

100 seconds standing on one leg!                                              100 Drawings!

100 steps, 100 skips & marching 100 times!

100 star jumps!