Welcome back!

Woodland Walk

We went on a woodland walk to celebrate science week.  We collected natural items and made some 3D artwork inspired by the work of the famous artist Andy Goldsworthy.



Autumn 2.

Maths - Making different shapes with the same area.


Science - Making simple circuits.


Anti-Bullying Week.

We wore odd socks to mark Anti-Bullying week to show how unique we are.

Autumn 1

A big welcome back to Silver Birch.  We had a fantastic first day back. Silver Birch enthusiastically spoke about what they got up to during the summer break. We also produced some lovely recounts about our summer adventures!

Disney Day - A Day For Ada.



English and Topic - Oh No! An Air Raid!

Science - Reflecting light Using Mirrors.

Maths - Place Value Yahtzee

Silver Birch Blog

Welcome to the Silver Birch blog page. Please take the time to look at all of the fun and exciting learning tasks completed by your children throughout the academic year.


Science Experiment

Dogs Trust

TT Rockstars.

History Timeline.

Geography - Layers of the Earth

Science Jumping Investigation.

Maths Measuring


A visit from Father Andrew


Easter Competition


Making Stoke Smile

Making coil pots.