Football Club Report by Preston


 Wood Lane  Year 4 & 5 boys participated in 7-a-side tournament at Chesterton High School.

First game against Baldwins gate ended in a 3 -0 win and we followed it up with another great performance, beating Hugo Maynall 2 - 1.

Next match saw a tough game and a 1-0 win against John Offley.

We gambled in the last two games as we were pushing for a first place finish and it unfortunately didn’t pay off this time and we ended up fourth overall.

Mr Ireland was very impressed with the boys in their first tournament together.

Special mention to Bowen for a great debut and Harley for being solid at the back.

Goalscorers were:       Anderson with 5

                                        Isaac with 1


Man of the Tournament: Alfie


5/6 Rugby Report by Anderson


 Wood Lane participated in 9-a-side Rugby Tournament  at Newcastle Rugby Club.

We entered the more difficult Medal competition this year and the standard was very high.

We started very competitively and narrowly lost the first two games. We came together to discuss our defensive line which was tested against a great side from Newcastle.

All came together in a great performance against Langdale where we narrowly lost 5-4.


Try-scorers were:       Preston with 5

                                        Alfie with 3

Codie, Anderson and Jeremy with 1 each


Men of the Tournament: Preston, Anderson and Jeremy for their tireless attacking and defending during every game.



Swimming Gala Report By Ruby and Tia


 Wood Lane the ks2 Swimming Gala at Newcastle Under Lyme School.

Harvey opened the races with a great performance in the freestyle.

Next saw Ruby in freestyle who finished second by a hair!

Noah and Fraya both displayed strong performances in their back stroke races, with a Noah finishing second against a field of Year sixes.

Tom and Tia also worked hard in their breast stroke races.

In the Mixed relays, Noah, Tom and Ruby performed well together, as did Tom, Harvey and Noah in the boys relay. Tia, Ruby and Fraya put in a great effort in the Girls relay.

We finished with the Surf board relay, where Tia, Harvey and Fraya managed a third place finish.



Football Club Report by Preston


 Wood Lane participated in 7-a-side tournament at Chesterton High School.

First game against Sun ended in a 1 -0 loss.

The boys sat together and discussed tactics and we managed to pull off a draw against Chesterton.

Next match saw a great performance in a 1-0 win against Meadows followed by a 1-1 draw against a very fast Newcastle side. A great result.


We finished off with a huge 5 – 0 win against Crackley which saw our tactics and formation come together perfectly.

Special mention to Preston W in goal and Codie and Kacey at the back who all worked hard.

Goalscorers were:       Alfie  with 4

                                        Preston  with 3


Man of the Tournament: Jack Ryan Ball