Duathlon Virtual County Games WINNERS!

McKenzie has won the Virtual School Games County Final for Year 5 Boys!  

Fraya has won the Virtual School Games County Final for Year 4 Girls! 

Amazing effort by both of these children and we are all so proud of you! 


End of Year Certificates.

As a reward for our  involvement in school sports this year, up to lockdown, we have been awarded a certificate.


As recognition to our commitment to the School Games Virtual Competitions we have been awarded this certificate.



We took part in a virtual competition - Duathlon, where the children we asked to complete a bear crawl and a shuttle run.  In each event the children were timed and the results were sent to The School Games Coordinator.  Our children were competing against school children in our area. 

We had some winners! 

Year 5 boy 1st place:  McKenzie.

Year 5 boys team: 2nd place

Year 5 girl 1st place: Grace

Year 4 boy 1st place: Harvey

Year 4 boy 3rd place: Finley

Year 4 girls 1st place: Fraya

Congratulations to these children.  They were awarded with medals if they finished in the top 2 individually and received certificates.  

Well done to all those that took part.  

Joy of Moving Festival - During Lockdown

Key Stage 2 took part in The Joy of Moving Festival on Monday.  They were given activities to do and they completed them at home. 

We even took part whilst we were at school.

Gamesmark 2018 - 2019 

Netball League Games 


On Tuesday 10th March we went to Keele University to play our first round of netball matches.  

Football League Games.


On Monday 9th March we went to Chesterton High School to play our last round of matches.

Football League Games.


On Monday 27th January we went to play our next round of matches in our league.  

Netball - December 2019

This week Wood Lane netball team went to play in a tournament at Keele University. They lost two games and drew one.  It was a great effort by the whole team and they grew in confidence throughout the tournament.  We were very proud of them - well done.  



 Football Tournament 2019 




Indoor Athletics. 

 Wood Lane took part in some indoor athletics.  

Girls Football  Report

Wood Lane Ladies participated in 7-a-side tournament at Keele University.

Wood Lane battled with the weather this week as they played 4 matches in their first tournament together.

Grace was brave in goal and made some great saves. Hannah, Georgia, Grace, Ruby and Freya didn’t stop running even though the conditions were arctic!

Tia the Captain and Letitia bossed the midfield and made tackle after tackle.

All the girls worked hard and we look forward to the next outing!

Lady of the Tournament: Grace

By Letitia and Tia

Football Club Report

 Wood Lane Year 5 & 6  boys participated in 7-a-side tournament at Keele University.

The tournament saw a strong performance by the Wood Lane boys.

Tom, Bowen and Grace were strong in the middle and didn’t stop running all tournament.

Isaac and Harley played well and set up lots of opportunities for the team.

Special mention to Ben who made some fantastic saves in goal and Alfie for a magnificent volley.

Goal scorers were:       Preston with 3 and Alfie with 3

Man of the Tournament: Ben

By Preston, Anderson and Alfie.

Our Cross Country Team.



Cross Country Club Report

Children from Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 competed in the Cross Country Races this half term.

We visited St. Lukes, Crackley Bank, St. Giles & Georges, Richard Heathcote and Newcastle Under Lyme and many others schools!

Team spirit was always high and everyone was cheering for each other.

We all enjoyed every race even though some were extremely long!

Many of our runners raced against children much older than them and they should be very proud of their performance!

Special mention to Preston who finished 6th twice out of all the schools who raced.

Cross country is a difficult sport and we have all learnt to keep pushing yourself further when you are challenged!

Thank you to all who participated!

By Tia and Lacie

Football Club Report 

 Wood Lane  Year 4 & 5 boys participated in 7-a-side tournament at Chesterton High School.

First game against Baldwins gate ended in a 3 -0 win and we followed it up with another great performance, beating Hugo Maynall 2 - 1.

Next match saw a tough game and a 1-0 win against John Offley.

We gambled in the last two games as we were pushing for a first place finish and it unfortunately didn’t pay off this time and we ended up fourth overall.

Mr Ireland was very impressed with the boys in their first tournament together.

Special mention to Bowen for a great debut and Harley for being solid at the back.

Goalscorers were:       Anderson with 5

                                        Isaac with 1

Man of the Tournament: Alfie