At Wood Lane the children's wellbeing is considered a great importance. The following links are to help support you and your child's wellbeing and mental health:


The mental health charity offer advice and support on mental health and wellbeing. You can access support specifically relating to the coronavirus for both children and adults here.


Talking to a child worried about Coronavirus:

 Anna Freud - National Centre for children and families:

 BPS - Offering advice to schools, parents and carers to help children through these uncertain times:

Coronavirus support for children and the journey back to school: Coronavirus - A book for children!  -  Coronavirus - Back to school story!

Supporting children's mental health!

Helping to beat the worries!

Mental Health resources for Parents: Mental_Health_and_Well_Being_Resources_for_parents.pdf

Mental Health resources for children: Mental_Health_and_Wellbeing_Resources_for_Children.pd

A book all about Coronavirus from a children's Nurse: Wellbeing/dave-the-dog-coronavirus-1-1.pdf

Challenges for the children at home: coronavirus-home-challenge-elsa.pdf

A story all about social contact: social-contact-story.pdf

Never too young to talk about Mental Health: /News/Mental_health___Wellbeing/tmh-parent-leaflet-final-all-approved-laid-out-for-web.pdf

Stress busters for children!


Tips for talking about COVID-19!

Looking after our body and feelings!

A book about worries -

Why do we wash our hands?

Why do wash our hands with soap?

Horrid Hands Fact Sheet

Activities for children:






 Horrid Hands Fact Sheet

Horrid Hands Colour in activity

Horrid hands Quiz

Mental Health & Wellbeing